Oil massage

Massage with oil

A gentle massage with oil has a positive effect on the skin, connective tissue, muscles and psyche. For this massage I use high quality oil of natural origin based on Aloe Vera along with natural essential oils. The aloe vera gel hidden in the leaves is full of vitamins and minerals that our skin needs. Contains among others vitamins A, C, B group, magnesium, potassium, iron. It also has easily digestible amino acids that inhibit the growth of fungi, polypeptides and polysaccharides that are valuable for the skin. Thanks to such a rich composition, aloe vera moisturizes, firms and smoothes the skin. It also has anti-inflammatory and soothing effects, supports its regeneration and healing of various skin lesions. Thanks to the aloe vera oil massage, the skin becomes soft and velvety smooth and after penetrating the skin perfectly nourishes and regenerates it. The massage sensibly relaxes tired and tense muscles and eliminates their soreness. The whole body and mind releases from the somatic symptoms of stress. Has antidepressant effect, relaxes and regenerates vitality. In addition, it speeds up metabolism, regulates blood pressure, nourishes the skin and helps to remove toxins. This massage will allow you to enjoy the wonderful aroma of essential oils and move you to a world of deep relaxation.

combination with the traditional Thai or Shiatsu massage is possible.

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