Massage during pregnancy

Massage during pregnancy

is an excellent care and relaxation treatment. The main reasons for a massage in this special period of the woman are the increasing fatigue caused by the increasing weight of the abdomen, swollen legs, spinal problems and also the desire for skincare, which requires special treatment during pregnancy.
A very good way to deal with the swelling of the legs after a hard day, and what is also important: Possible prevention of stretch marks. During pregnancy, the action of hormones weakens the supporting fibers under the skin - collagen and elastin. My massage helps to stimulate regeneration cells, which directly strengthens these fibers.

Relaxed back massage during pregnancy, brings relief, abdominal massage and thighs prevents stretch marks. In addition, the massage for pregnant women concerns:
- reduction of swelling,
- tension and pain in the back and lower limbs;
- lowering blood pressure
- Improvement of blood and lymph circulation;
- elasticity of the skin and subcutaneous tissue;
- reducing the frequency of muscle cramps;
- improvement of body shape;
- training of the muscles used during birth;
- reduction of headache and dizziness;
- more effective elimination of metabolic products;
- reducing stress, which also simplifies falling asleep.

The massage for pregnant women is always done in a safe and comfortable position for a woman, mostly on the side, sitting or half-sitting.
During pregnancy, you can use a massage as often as possible. However, if you have contraindications for such a massage, you should always consult your doctor.

´┐╝After four pregnancies, I know exactly how you feel and what helps you improve your well-being and daily comfort.


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