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Alloy and calf massage

This healing massage is a combination of acupressure and ayurveda, including massage of the sole, back of the foot, fingers, ankles, calves, around the knee. It has a positive effect on digestive processes, the endocrine system, lymph glands and the central nervous system.
A relaxing foot and calf massage uses qualified compression and stretching techniques. Reflex zones are stimulated, send positive signals to the relevant organs and cause well-being throughout the body. By acting on the reflexological zones of the feet, the massage helps detoxify the body from toxins, improves sleep, removes the feeling of "heavy legs". In addition, negative emotions and vibrations are released so that the soul can find peace.

Head, face and neck massage

The ancient technique of Thai facial massage is one of the most effective methods of rejuvenation and circular stretching of the skin of the face and neck. All Thai massage techniques are based on knowledge of energy points on the human body, the proper stimulation of which induces the necessary reactions in the body.
Head and neck massage improves memory and efficiency. Stimulation of nerve endings on the head and neck improves blood circulation and normalizes blood pressure.
The main muscles of the head, face and neck are constantly strained. Every our action, every emotion causes a dozen different muscles to be strained. The massage removes stress accumulated for long weeks, months and even years.
Massage will help to get rid of insomnia, headaches and migraines, reduce fatigue of the work day.
Head massage positively affects our concentration, stimulates blood circulation, and thus strengthens the hair follicles.
Facial massage removes toxins from the body. Through it, we stimulate individual points of the face that affect the functioning of the entire body. Thanks to it, blood, lymph and body fluid circulation will be stimulated.

Back massage

Back massage removes chronic, ordinary and traumatic pains, inflammation, eliminates back pain. The first effect of the massage is extremely pleasant lightness of the body. It relaxes tense back, neck and neck muscles. Thai back massage is a natural remedy for insomnia. It calms down, relaxes and revitalizes our body. It relaxes our whole body, releases from pain, adds energy to action.

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