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Hair-free with the laser treatment

Laser hair removal (laser epilation) is particularly effective.
However, there is no such thing as an 'always-always' hair removal method. Even if the majority of the hair roots have been removed with the help of a laser and a flash lamp and no hair has grown for a long time, it can happen that one or the other root regenerates and a new hair develops. In most cases, however, only a few laser treatments are sufficient to prevent these hair roots from producing hair again.

Who is light hair removal not suitable for?

Light blonde, gray or white hair is not suitable for light epilation.
The following applies in particular to IPL: The device's broad spectrum of radiation prevents the light from being able to differentiate precisely between the melanin of the skin and the hair and from attacking the skin's pigments. This procedure is therefore unsuitable for people with tanned or darker skin.

How long does the skin stay smooth?

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that after umpteen sessions there will really be no more hair sprouting. Often you have a certain amount of rest, but afterwards a few hairs can grow back. Since no medical device is explicitly used here, recurring treatment is advisable.

These stragglers are formerly dormant, now active hair roots. Correctly, one does not speak of permanent hair removal, but of hair reduction. It is not about promising customers smooth skin forever, but about permanently reducing hair growth as far as possible.

You have to know that:

• The skin must be as light as possible, the hair dark, not to be used on tanned skin
• Not to be used on moles, tattoos and scars
• Never apply cream to the areas to be treated
• never flash your eyes
• Do not use when taking medication, especially antibiotics, antidepressants and ginseng preparations.
• Treatment in the genital area and on the face is not suitable for men.

Enjoy hair-free, smooth skin for up to 6 months *

Average hair reduction after 12 treatments: 78% less hair on the legs, 64% in the bikini area, 65% in the armpits.
These values ​​are based on 5 treatment cycles over 10 weeks.
With longer treatment times and additional cycles, even better results can be expected.

For IPL treatment, please register at least one day in advance.

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