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Just give away a massage!

Surprise your loved ones with a nice Thai massage.

Who doesn't long to switch off for a while, just to feel good?
Wellness is highly valued by both genders.
And who has never thought of wanting to give a loved one some TIME and RECREATION?
Here is your option.

Simply buy a
(For a specific massage, or for free selection).

Order, pay, done.
After we have received the money, we will send you the personalized voucher within 24 hours as pdf by email or WhatsApp.

Since this is provided with the date and name of the recipient, the person then only shows it at the date agreed by himself.
Printed or on the mobile phone.
That's all.

Of course you can also pay by credit card, bank transfer or TWINT.
That means you don’t need to come to the studio only to buy.
Unless you also want a massage for yourself.

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